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Food Industry Blogs Students Should Be Reading

As students we are constantly given technical information and fundamentals about food. Although this is important knowledge for our careers we sometimes need to look at the bigger picture and understand what is going on around us.

Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to be working during school but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn! So how do you learn without being in the workplace? Well by reading! Another option is podcasts which are great, and you can check FoodGrads The Best Food Industry Podcasts. However, this post isn’t about podcasts it’s about blogs.

So here it is, FoodGrads pick of our favourite food industry blogs, nine of them to be exact!

If you find this list is useful then please let us know! Now onwards to the list!

Food and Beverage Magazine

This blog focuses more on the restaurant side of the food industry meaning it is a valuable resource for individuals looking to enter the culinary industry.  They provide authoritative coverage of trends and industry news.

If you are not much of someone who likes to read blog articles online, then you also have the option to subscribe to their magazine. Although we personally do not have a subscription to the service I believe that you are able to subscribe for free.

Some interesting articles:

Food & Drink Technology

This blog is one of the best sources for technical, business news, analysis, comment, interviews and product development across Europe. Although they are not based in North America our food system is globally connected and anything that happens there tends to resonate here.

We love this blog because it dives into all aspects of the food industry and doesn’t shy away from telling you about the movement of the industry. Their round-up articles on shelf life, processing, packaging, ingredients help you to refine your search with out having to look everywhere for them.

Check out these posts:

Science Meets Food

Science Meets Food is the student counter-part blog for the Institute of Food Technologists and is written by students. It has a similar principle to FoodGrads that students in the organization can share their opinions.

We love this blog because we love student generated content! Our favourite part is reading about the science of food. It is the perfect level of science where you can geek out about food even without a strong hard science background. As scientists we don’t communicate well enough and this is a good start.

A few of our favourite posts:

The Culinologist

The Culinologist is a place where students, professionals, and food geeks from all walks of life can share their interests and passions about food. This is another fun student run blog who talk about a variety of topics. Although the blog isn’t the most active but it has some gems.

Our favourite blog posts

New Food Magazine

New Food is one of the few blogs where you want to share articles with people not in your professional network. The articles titles get you because they are catchy while the posts themselves are research cited. We highly recommend that you follow them on their social media channels because they post frequently.  New Food is the leading bi-monthly FREE publication which keeps up with the food & beverage industry up-to-date with the latest developments and technology.

This blog covers a range of topics which include economic outlook, food safety, health & nutrition, ingredients, processing, product development, QA/QC, regulatory and sustainability.

Our favourite blog posts:

Food Business News

The digital offering from Food Business News keeps readers sated with regular news and trending topics. For a more relaxed read, the print magazine offers insightful articles and in-depth features.

What we like about this website is the fact that the website is well-organized. It is easy to find what you are looking for based on your area of interest.  For example, protein sources and alternative proteins is a very hot topic right now and there is much information to sift through. Even beverage companies are now capitalizing on the power of protein! If you are looking to find out about trending food industry information, then this is the place to go!

Food Logistics

The food and beverage industry depend on the timely supply of raw materials. As you might imagine transporting food isn’t as simple as putting food on a truck and letting it go. There is so much you need to consider such as the speedy delivery of products, the preservation of quality, the risk of contamination and their different regulations around the world.

All these factors are not taught in your typical food science program, they only come across in school programs like supply chain and logistics. If you want to dive into the topic but don’t know where to start then check the Food Logistics blog.  Most articles are short so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule. They cover every topic in the supply chain from farm to fork!

A couple of my favourite posts:

Food Quality & Safety

Food Quality and Safety is a popular food safety blog used by many food safety professionals who are looking to keep up with industry news. The best part about this blog is that the knowledge is so applicable and can be applied directly to jobs in the workplace. As an individual who works in food safety I constantly look towards this for relevant information in my field. Topics covered include regulatory, safety and quality.

Their mission is to advise all levels of quality and safety decision makers in food manufacturing, food service/retail, agriculture, and regulatory and research institutions in the rapidly changing food quality and safety market by examining current products, technologies and philosophies.

Our Favourite Posts:

Food Processing combines news, topical articles, expert advice and carefully chosen product and vendor information to provide comprehensive industry insight and information for the food and beverage industry.

We personally like this blog because it is very heavy handed on articles related to manufacturing and on the plant floor.  The topics are applicable and

Some Interesting Articles:

Author: Veronica Hislop Veronica is a recent FoodGrad working as Quality Assurance Technician at a snack food company. She graduated with a Chemistry degree at Ryerson University and has a passion for bringing awareness to sustainability in the food industry. When Veronica is taking a break from her food endeavors you will find her at home reading a great novel and playing with her cats.

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