Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Martso recognizes how important it is to protect your personal data, particularly your identification data. In order to secure your personal data, we have adopted certain privacy policies that are explained below in detail. Please read carefully all the terms before using the website because the terms might have changed since your last visit, the latest privacy policy is updated on our website.

We do not collect any personal data from any person, who is aged less than 18, but he is encouraged to seek help from adults to proceed with the process requirements.

You may read further to know more about how we use your information, from the website of All contents of the website are designed and operated by Martso (Karachi Pakistan), powered by Alumination(uk).


Martso uses cookies in order to track IP addresses which allows us to improve our services. Cookies mainly include pieces of some information sent by the website to your browser. This is particularly done for the purpose of record-keeping. The use of cookies helps us know the pages that are most visited so we can provide more relevant and user-friendly content. If you don’t want to allow cookies you may choose to disable them from your browser, however, disabling cookies might affect the proper functioning of the website.


Martso takes measures to secure your personal data provided to the website, despite all these measures, you accept that any sharing of your data is not guaranteed to be secure. In case of any breach of data, the company won’t be held accountable until it is due to the company’s negligence.

Data and its purposes

The data that we directly collect from the visitors upon their consent from the contact section which includes their name, email, and contact number to take further steps in finalizing the deal. It is used mainly for the purpose of communication.

Processing Modalities

 Your data may be collected on electronic modalities and then further processed on electronic devices or either on paper. In case of using any email newsletter, analytical software, or any third-party tools we are authorized to share your information and will not be held accountable for it.