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Anti Sashay

Tiles and stones are used almost
everywhere nowadays from Public
Buildings such as Hospitals,
Shopping Centers, Schools and
Churches to Homes and are not
only visually appealing but their
maintenance is also quite easy.
Only one problem still remains; i.e.
Danger of slipping

Garbage Chute

Garbage, trash, rubbish, debris
or refuse is waste material that is discarded
by humans, usually due to a perceived lack
of utility. The term generally does not
encompass bodily waste products, purely
liquid or gaseous wastes, nor toxic
waste products. Garbage is commonly sorted
and classified into kinds of material suitable
for specific kinds of disposal.

Plaztuff Sheets

Fabrication; High Molecular Weight Polymer sheets which are innovative and versatile products designed to replace steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in engineering applications.

Secondary Glazing

When we heat the air in our homes, the warm air rises straight to the ceiling. This rising air displaces other warm air near the ceiling, which then slowly sinks as it cools, travelling down the walls. When the air travelling down the wall passes a cold window, conduction occurs causing the warm air to be cooledas it passes the cold pane of glass. This cooled air can then fall even faster and often causes a draught effect at the bottom of the windowsill that result in cold spots being felt within the room.

Secondary Protection

Your home is a healthier and more comfortable place to live and the situation is annoying when there are Unwanted Pests at your home. This situation leads to some such kind of solutions like the need to use such kind of insect sprays for the purpose of the pest control that are not suitable for health.In order to keep your home a clean, green and healthy place to live; the Secondary Protection via an Insect Screen is the safest and cheapest solution to your problem eliminating the need to use ozone depleting fly sprays.


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